Please follow these steps on how to connect your Vulcan challenger II tablet to its keyboard.   Before you try these steps, please make sure your keyboard is fully charged. 


On the tablet, you'll need to go to Settings --> PC & devices --> Bluetooth; make sure to turn Bluetooth on. With the physical keyboard, turn the switch to on and press the connect button in the upper right hand corner. Select Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard on the tablet and tap pair to connect device. Type the numeric code provided by the tablet into the keyboard and press enter/return. Please note that when typing in the password into the (physical keyboard) you will not see the numbers your typing on the tablet screen.


If the connection has timed out please start over. If all you see is a blank box and you don't see a numeric code, then the backup code is "0000" four zeroes. Type it into the physical keyboard and press enter.