Step 1 First Contact

When the customer contacts our help center, via telephone, Chat, Email or Portal, the technician (agent) will ask information to the customer to determine in first instance if the Cx can make a claim on the guarantee of the purchased item.

 The technician would request the following information:

  • Name of the cx who bought the item
  • Location of the EU (State and city)
  • Purchase date; (date on the purchase receipt or invoice)
  • Name of the model and serial number of the item
  • Item issue (the problem that the cx is having with the item)
This information is necessary to determine if the warranty is applicable to be repaired or replaced, also to receive the item at reception desk.
The follow up of the case will be through email only and each case would have a ticket number which the customer would have access to.
If the customer only requires technical support, it will be done also through email. The technician will follow up the case and will contact customer to verify if the trouble shootings were successful, and then he will proceed to close the ticket. 
If it is necessary to bring the equipment to our distribution center to be repaired the technician will send an RMA form to the client to request some information.
The customer is asked to fill out the Freshdesk form, the link is sent by email 



The Cx must fill out the mandatory fields and must attach the documents specified in the email, which are:

• The proof purchase such as the receipt or invoice

• Phone number

• Complete and correct end user address. 

• Information about the reporting equipment (serial number, ITEM and failures).

• Documents requested (purchase receipt or invoice)

The response time to the cx once the form is received is 24 to 48 hours (1 to 2 BD) (business days Monday to Friday service window 9 am to 6 pm)

Once the form is filled out and the ticket is created, the agent must review that the information provided by the cx is correct so we can start the guarantee process




It’s very important that all the information in the PROPERTIES fields (Freshdesk) are filled out with the equipment data, TAGS, ISSUE, STATUS, ITEM, SERIAL NUMBER, BRAND, etc.



Once the RMA is created, the technician will send an email with instructions on how to send the package and the shipment guide, the guides can take up to 24-48 business hours.

The cx is responsible for the shipping fee to our distribution center

EMAIL example:


Your RMA# is XXXXX, in the attachment you would wind a copy of the RMA form that was submitted, please read and follow the instructions below.

 Print a copy of the RMA form after you have filled it out. We would need this copy to create a a profile and know the details of who is sending the item.

Please provide your proof of purchase.
 *Without your proof of purchase, we will not be able to proceed with the warranty on your product.

Remember, when packaging up your item make sure you include the copy of your RMA Form and you’re the Proof of Purchase with your item so we know who it belongs to.


Please write the RMA ticket Number on the outside of your package in big bold numbers. 

Now you are ready to ship it.


Products must be free from damage of any type, including, but not limited to dents, scratches, cracks, abuse, defacement or indication of removed screws/fasteners or seals.


PLEASE RETURN YOUR PRODUCT TO: END USER RMA DEPARTMENT 1964 West Corporate Way Anaheim, CA 92801. Please use the approved RMA number #


Please provide the tracking number to your package. We need this information to keep track of your package. Please include in you return the product/keyboard, (if your product came with a keyboard) OTG cable, charger, etc. 

Use the original box if possible. Remember to back up all documents.


Be aware that any physical damage will void the warranty. The replacement or repair of your product will take up to 2-3 weeks from the day we receive your product. Please use a secure box and bubble wrap for your product if possible. Hyundai will not accept responsibility for products that are lost or damaged during transit. RMA will remain active for 30 days. Any glue or stickers will void your warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

 Sincerely, xxxxxx.

Tech Support Team


The logistic time of the postal service may vary upon arrival at the distribution center.

The Customer must provide the tracking number, we need this information to keep track of the package. Cx must return the product/keyboard, (if the product came with a keyboard) OTG cable and charger.

The Cx must include a print copy of the RMA form. Use the original box if possible and back up all documents.

Reception Distribution Center 

Step 2 equipment arrives at the workshop 
Once the package arrives at our reception area at the distribution center our technician will exam the product and he will document the results of the examination, the technician will determine if the warranty is valid or not.

If the product is accepted the technician will send an email to the Cx to notify about the shipment status and the warranty approval. 

Accepted warranty email example:

Thank you for your time and patience, I want to let you know that your product is eligible to be repaired and is currently being repaired. Once your product is ready to be sent back, you will be notified. The tracking number for your device is XXXXX.
 If you have any questions or concerns, please answer to this email.


Sincerely, Abraham

Tech Support Team"


Rejected device 

The device can be rejected because of physical damage, if the device has already been intervened by a third party or if the time of warranty has expired. 

 This would be documented on the ticket and the agent will send an email to the cx informing that the device didn’t meet the requirements and it will be sent back to the documented address.


Rejected equipment Email example

Thank you for your time and patience, unfortunately we are unable to perform any repair services through our RMA process as the device that was sent in had physical damage and therefore voiding the warranty (please see the attachment with the photo of the damage on the unit). That being said, we will be sending your device back under the FedEx tracking # xxxxx.

 Thank you for your time and patience, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me either through this message thread.


Sincerely Abraham,

Tech Support Team"


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Diagnostic and Repair Workshop

Step 3 technician examination 

The workshop technician assigned to the dispatched device will perform a diagnosis on the item and repair it. The technician will diagnose whether the equipment can be repaired or replaced.

The workshop area will document in freshdesk the resolution of the device and will proceed to:

1.- Repair the equipment in terms of warranty.

2.- Replace the equipment in terms of warranty.

3.- The equipment can be rejected for being out of warranty.


Once the repaired device is done it would be sent to the quality area to carry out tests of correct operation on the equipment. (Stress out the device for 48 hrs.)
 If the device does not pass the quality tests, it is returned to the workshop area with the technician again.

If the equipment passes the quality tests, it is documented in Freshdesk and sent to the shipping area, this process must be done within 5 business days.


Pin on compu,laptop             



Shipping area

Step 4 Returning equipment to Customer 

The shipping area is responsible for carrying out the shipment of the device back to the cx once the item has passed all the test.  If the resolution was to give the cx a new device the workshop area responsible for reviewing the inventory will send the same type of device, or if there was a proposal for another equipment with similar characteristics the shipment would be sent immediately (the shipping guide back to the EU will be paid by us).

The proposal of a similar device with the same specs could with or without an extra amount to pay for the cx (the technician must inform the cx the difference amount to pay and send the account number for the deposit), if the payment is accepted and made it would be notified and documented in freshdesk.

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Closing ticket

Step 5  last contact with Cx

Once the repair and / or replacement status has been delivered to the customer, a message is sent along with the tracking number. We will give you 48 hours to answer any final questions or concerns before closing the ticket and sending this message;

 Thank you for contacting us here at Hyundai Technology, we hope we have been able to help with any questions, inquiries or resolve any issues. We will close this ticket. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again and we will be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need, have a wonderful day.

Sincerely, Hyundai Technology Tech Support Team.

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