Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Edition) Recovery Drives

Here are the Recovery Builds for Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Edition Update. Follow the same procedure HERE to make the Drive. Then extract the contents of the zip file to your thumbdrive.

Drivers are located Here

Journey FV Serial - Download

Journey YN Serial - Download

Journey A05 Serial - Download

Journey A120 Serial - Download 

Journey SY Serial - Download

Omega FV Serial- Download

Omega A03 Serial - Download

Omega A05 Serial - Download

Challenger II 2015 Serial - Download

Challenger II FV Serial - Download

Challenger II A120 Serial - Download

Challenger II EX - Download

Excursion XB A02 Serial - Download

Excursion XB A03 Serial - Download

Excursion XB FV Serial - Download

Venture II - Download

Minion Tab 7 - Download

Traveller - Download

Flexnote III - Download

Discovery - Download

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