Guide to Making the Automatic Recovery USB Drive

Please use the following instructions to create a boot-able USB drive to flash your device.

You will need a USB flash drive that will hold at least 8GB and a keyboard.  You will also need an USB hub (so you can plug in both the keyboard and the USB flash drive at the same time) and an OTG cable that was included with your device (micro USB to USB adapter).  


1. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer.

2. Open Command Prompt with Admin rights. Press Win+X and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.

3. Type diskpart to start the diskpart built-in utility. And type list disk and make the note of the disk # for the USB drive.

4. Type in the following command to properly format the flash drive. Replace # with the actual # you got from step 3 above.

select disk #
create partition primary
format fs=fat32 quick

5. Now close the Command Prompt window, and open File Explorer, browse to the downloaded folder.

6. Select everything in the folder, and copy the files to the formatted USB flash drive you prepared earlier

Once done attach the Drive and a USB keyboard to a USB hub. Attach the hub to the supplied OTG cable and turn on the tablet. Once the screen lights up keep pressing the DEL or ESC key on the keyboard until you reach the BIOS> go to the last menu option and in the boot override section arrow down to "UEFI: <Thumbdrive>" and hit enter.  If your device does not show boot override, you will need to manually set the Thumbdrive as first in priority under the boot options, then save/exit. It should then boot up and perform the flash and shutdown. Once shutdown please remove the Hub and attached devices and boot up the tablet.

For those who are unsure what an OTG cable is, bellow is a sample picture of what an OTG cable looks like.


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