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not charging

I received my tablet as a gift. I charged the tablet and used it for a day. I plugged the charger in to recharge. by the next morning it was dead. it did not charge. Yes, I used the supplied charger. Yes, I ensured the charger was plugged into the wall socket and plugged into the tablet charging port. I need help with this problem.

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Hello Robert,

Thank you for your patience. Please see the following information below to see if this solves the issue. 

Having a problem turning on your device? Please try these instructions.

· Have you allowed your device to charge for about 8 hours?

· Have you tried using a different charging cord? Or tested the charger on another device to see if maybe the charger is not working. 

· Please hold down the power button for about 15-20 seconds, until your device turns off and on. Doing this will allow your device to reboot.  

Please let me know if this worked for you. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Best Regards,


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I have slow had tue same problem but I've had my tablet for 11 months

I'm also having a problem with my tablet it won't charge when it is on

Hello Kuag9661,

Thank you for your patience. Please try note that the device won't charge effciently while the device is powered on. Please shut down the device and charge it for 24 hours with a generic charger to see if this works. 

Best Regards,


I won't completely charge when on power

It doesn't


Do you know if you're currently under the 1 year warranty for your device? 

Best Regards,


I changed the charging cord and BINGO, that fixed the problem.

It doesn't work


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