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Excursion XB

Why my excursion xb does not want to grab the touch nor does it have sound

Hello Arvin,

Thank you for your patience. Please download your driver package at the link below. You should use the first three characters for your Serial number when selecting a download. 

Driver downloads

Please see the process below. 


1. Download the Driver set for your device at the link -


2. Once the Zip file is downloaded you want to Move the Zip file  to empty Flash drive.


3. Extract the File on the flash drive.


4. Plug the flash drive into your Tablet using the OTG  cable. 


5. Power on your Tablet with the flash drive plugged in.


6. In the Cortana Circle search for (DEVICE MANAGER). 



7. Navigate to  your device.




8. Double tap the device to get into the Properties menu.


9. In the properties menu go to the Drivers tab. 


10. Select Update Driver.



11. Then select Browse my computer for driver software.




12. Then select let me choice from a list of device drivers  on my computer. 



13. Select the driver that's on the list. - PLEASE LET ME KNOW  IF THERE'S ONLY ONE. 




Thank you for your understanding. 


Best Regards,




My excursion XB detachable keyboard is not working

Hello Pradeep,

Thank you for your patience. Do you know if your device is currently under the 1 year warranty? If so please fill out the RMA form to request for a replacement device. 

Please also see the drivers link below to see if maybe one of the Drivers will help solve the issue. 

Drivers for the Excursion XB resource Link

Sorry,  you are experiencing a problem with your device. Please complete the Return Merchandise Authorization form provided, After we review your return form and the form is completed we will start the process of your return.  After we have completed the process, I will provide you with information to where you will send your package to and instructions. Please print a copy of your RMA form,  you will need to place this copy when you return your device. Please provide your proof of purchase, without your proof of purchase we will not be able to proceed with the warranty on your device. Please click on the the provided link to our Return Merchandise Authorization form.

Best Regards,


lincks don't work

Hi¡¡ can you active links, it´s don´t work

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