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i need os file for vulcan xb

can u provide iso file of vulcan xb with keyboard and also the drivers

Hello Sachin,

Thank you for your patience. Can you please provide with the devices name, model number, and serial number. Once I have that information I can send you the correct links to the ISO and drivers. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Best Regards,


Model No; VTA1005XBM32 Excursion XB and i have one more issue certain keys on keyboard doesn't work. help me with solutions

Hello Sachin,

Thank you for your patience. Please download and install the drivers for your device using the .INF files or Setup information files from link below.

Excursion XB A03 Drivers Link

For Chipset - Please install the (Setup.exe) file by right clicking it and selecting INSTALL. You can find this file in the following pathway. 

Excursion_A03_Drivers > Excursion_A03_Drivers > Chipset > (Setup.exe) 

This should install all the necessary drivers including the one for the keyboard. 

Please let me know if this solved the issue. 

Best Regards,


i also need windows 10 iso

Hello Sachin, 

Thank you for your patience. Please see the link and instructions below to download and install the ISO. 

Excursion XB A03

  Thank you for your patience. Please follow the steps below to restore your  device to the original state. 


1. Download Rufus format partition tool from the link  below.


2. Plug in an empty Flash Drive  that has at least 8 to 16 GB free into extra computer or device.


3. Run RUFUS and select the  following parameters.  


A. Device - Select your USB flash drive

B. Partition Scheme and target  system type - GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer

C. File System – Fat32

D. Cluster Size - Leave as  Default

E. New Volume Name - Winpe - it must be named this otherwise it won't work properly.


See photograph below as  reference. Please make sure you check the box that says – create a bootable  disk using ISO. Then you will upload the ISO you downloaded by right clicking  the icon next to the ISO check box. 




4. Turn off your Device and plug  in your OTG cable and the Flash drive. Please use a USB 4 port HUB so you can  use a keyboard if necessary.  


5. Turn on device and constantly  press the ESC button to get into BIOS. 


6. Go to the last menu option and in the boot  override section arrow down to "UEFI: <Thumbdrive>" and hit  enter.  If your device does not show boot override, you will need to  manually set the Thumbdrive as first in priority under the boot options, then  save/exit. It should then boot up and perform the flash and shutdown. 

7. Remove Flash drive before restarting. 


Best Regards,




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