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Excursion XB RAM upgrade

Good Afternoon,

I have an Excursion Xb that is several years old. I'm surprised I couldnt find much on the topic searching elsewhere on google. 

My question is, are there Physical RAM slots in the tablet to upgrade it? In the research I did, I did manage to find that it uses DDR3 at 1333 mhz. Another web page said that the RAM was SODIMM. 

Pushing the cntrl shift and esc keys I pull up the task manager > performance tab > Memory will show me only 1 of 2 RAM slots are being used. Then I used whatever command it was in Command prompt to show me that it is capable of having 4 GBs of RAM. 

I tried to find disassembly videos and instructions to no avail. Can anyone shed more light on the issue?

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