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formatear no puedo

 CARGAR WINDOWS 8.1 64 BITS VULCAN VNB11606ISB    A12031607002267

Me mandaron esto:

Here are the Recovery Builds for Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Edition Update. Follow the same procedure HERE to make the Drive. Then extract the contents of the zip file to your thumbdrive.

Drivers are located Here

Journey FV Serial - Download

Journey YN Serial - Download

Journey A05 Serial - Download

Journey A120 Serial - Download 

Journey SY Serial - Download

Omega FV Serial- Download

Omega A03 Serial - Download

Omega A05 Serial - Download

Challenger II 2015 Serial - Download

Challenger II FV Serial - Download

Challenger II A120 Serial - Download

Challenger II EX - Download

Excursion XB A02 Serial - Download

Excursion XB A03 Serial - Download

Excursion XB FV Serial - Download

Venture II - Download

Minion Tab 7 - Download

Traveller - Download

Flexnote III - Download

Discovery - Download

No se cual escoger. por mi numero de lap.

Y tambien me mandaron los drivers, estos:

JJ McCarthy

started a topic over 2 years ago

Omega-Serial-FV - Download

Omega Serial A03 - Download

Omega-Serial-A05- Download

Challenger II - Download

Excursion XB-Serial-FV - Download

Excursion XB-Serial-A03 - Download

Excursion XB-Serial-A02 - Download

Excursion XA - Download

Journey Serial-A05 - Download

Journey Serial-YN - Download

Journey Serial-FV or SY - Download

Venture II - Download

Discovery - Download

Flexnote - Download

Traveler - Download

Por favor necesito AYUDA

-como formateo y como cargo los drivers (manden un tutorial)  gracias

le cargue windows 8.1 normal (Microsoft)   pero no puedo cargar los drivers

y aparte queda muy llena.

Mi correo   juliomutepetla@gmanilcom

Hello Julio,

Thank you for your patience. The recovery package that you need to download is the Venture II package. 

Venture II - Download

Please follow the steps below to restore your  device to the original state. 


1. Download Rufus format partition tool from the link  below.


2. Plug in an empty Flash Drive  that has at least 8 to 16 GB free into extra computer or device.


3. Run RUFUS and select the  following parameters.  


A. Device - Select your USB flash drive

B. Partition Scheme and target  system type - GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer

C. File System - NTFS

D. Cluster Size - Leave as  Default

E. New Volume Name - Winpe - it must be named this otherwise it won't work properly.


See photograph below as  reference. Please make sure you uncheck the box that says – create a bootable  disk using ISO. 



4. Download the Recovery drive  for your device at the link below.


5. Unzip files and then move all  files in folder (should be at least 10 to 20 files and folders) TO the  formatted FLASH DRIVE. 


6. Turn off your Device and plug  in your OTG cable and the Flash drive. Please use a USB 4 port HUB so you can  use a keyboard if necessary.  


7. Turn on device and constantly  press the ESC button to get into BIOS. 


8. Go to the last menu option and in the boot override  section arrow down to "UEFI: <Thumbdrive>" and hit enter.   If your device does not show boot override, you will need to manually set the  Thumbdrive as first in priority under the boot options, then save/exit. It  should then boot up and perform the flash and shutdown. 

9. Remove Flash drive before restarting. 


Best Regards,



Tengo una tablet VTA0703 Journey Necesito el sistema para poder instalarlo

Challenger EX iso, link is broken, please, fix! 

Hola, buen día

Tengo una situación con un modelo muy especifico : vta1005is-32gb es decir Excursion X 

después de actualizar a Windows 10 y los drivers, dejo de recibir señal de wifi.

Ya la he restablecido pero por el poco espacio que hay libre, solicite eliminar el Windows antiguo (Grave error) . Ya que solo lo restablece en Windows 10

Sera que debo quedarme con el windows 8?, o me podria compartir los drives?

Genial me funciono windows funcionando


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