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Motherboard EM-I8316 V2.1

Hola, tengo un problema con uno de sus productos.. Tiene una motherboard EM-I8316 V2.1 Con una bateria coradir modelo "N14 PL3710398P* 2P SEP Salida: 3.7volts 10000mAh 37Wh Mi problema es que no tengo el cargador para esa motherboard y nose como comprarlo, me piden el input y la verdad es que ya no se que hacer.. Si me darian respuesta al respecto les estare eternamente agradecido..buenas noches

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Hi hasan did you find a solution
*=@ write

please provide me with you email so that I can send you the solution. 

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Hi did you find anythink? please
Hi Can you find anythink
I wait thank you

ok, let em see what I can do looks like you will need to install the drivers again for this device.

Keyboard is not working

can you press the Esc button please and let me know what do you see.

I reset my Win 10 computer and such a selection screen appeared Wat kan ı doen?
this screen was resetting w10

Have you upgraded the windows did you make sure that the new version the windows is compatible ?

Dat is moederbord
Dat is problem
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